Commerical and Residential Appraiser with 25 years experience. Well known and trusted in the Ottawa area.

About Me

I am an accredited real estate appraiser and have worked in the real estate industry my entire career. Cutting grass and doing lawn maintenance as a kid. Selling real estate, working in the construction industry as a contractor and through the majority of my career as an appraiser progressing from residential to commercial and obtaining education and expertise as my career developed. My goals continue to be focused in the real estate industry, appraising and enjoying time with family, friends and colleagues.


Commercial and residential real estate appraisal and consulting work of all types and for virtually any purpose. Multi-family properties of all types, custom and high end residential homes, resorts, estates and construction appraisals of all types.


5763 Loggers Way
Ottawa, Ontario, K7S 3G7
P: 613-266-8045